Michael's Institute of Management and Technology

Self-Financing Arts and Science College
Affliated to University of Kerala


Principal’s Message

In every respect the modern man is blessed with the best fruition of science and technology. Then comes the serious question of the unlimited freedom to which we are all exposed to. If the student community is sagacious Enough to fill love, kindness and a dynamic sense of responsibility in the heartland of the afore said freedom, it will, no doubt give rise to an amazing result of a Pro-people cultural and intellectual advancement. Everything is bound to be changed. In hands of young men and women lies the greater responsibility to reconstructed the present order of the social life for a better transition in which every fellow being feels pride for the noble and lasting higher revolution aiming at the development of intellectual resourcefulness. The present generation is importunate for exploiting the maximum advantage from the information technology. But if the generationshows indifference to higher values of life, this will lead to a hopeless anarchy as W.B.Yeats had depicted in his outstanding poem, ‘the second coming’ , With a heart that charged with genuine concern for the unbroken future of mankind, the poet says, “things fall apart, centre cannot hold and mere anarchy is loosed upon this world.” In the kingdom of hope there is no winter. So by absorbing the upsurge of this great lessons from history of young man and women can change the course of history by contributing the best from their sincere effort to remake the world better than what been given them.

The media, both the printed and visual, bring us daily bread of negative news and we find it very difficult to escape from the vicious Circle of this blighting impact of the degenerated Sega of social life. By inculcating courage determination and sincerity, the student community can shed the light of a new and sustaining culture and good social system. Sometimes we may be reeling under the dark riddles of life. But with our unshakeable tenacity for the all-round success, we can rise up from the ashpiles of failure and downfall in life. The nobler side of life is eclipsed by the inflow of consumer culture, when the student community descend to the safer zone of the cult of Silence, it will break up the magnitude of social life. With the unquenchable thirst and curiosity for Knowledge, the student community can lay the foundation of an enlightened system for bringing everything to the promised land of perfection.

The need of the hour is the constant vigilance against that entire stand for the total stagnation and the resultant social degeneration. With the ample amount of intellectual and rational defence we can rewrite the grammar of the present social order where the small and the insignificant were relegated into the background. In our reckless pursuit after the half-backed development and peripheral advancement, we run away from the basement of the egalitarian social and economic development. In short, we are pulling through two worlds which are poles apart in all respects. One is dead and the other is yet to be born. Attimes, we are plagued by the memories of the past and gamble with the future, only to find ourselves in utter frustration. Courageous frame of mind and intellectual dynamism are the two indefatigable wings with which one can reach at any insurmountable peak of excellence.