MIMAT has a highly active placement cell, which aims to provide an effective and mutually beneficial platform for job seekers and job providers. Organized and run on a professional basis, the placement cell may be considered comparable to foreign university placement cells in terms of the extent and nature of linkages, as well as training of prospective professionals.

The placement cell comprises staff representatives from different departments, student representatives from the second and final years of graduation, voluntary ex-student representatives and supporting administrative staff.

Participate in a pre-placement meeting with interested students to discuss available learning opportunities, and determine whether your needs and interests can be accommodated

A bridge between job providers and job seekers

Training on various skills such as resume writing, interviews skills, group discussions, confidence-building and corporate etiquette, among others Guidance in career choices

Assess your performance and complete the report form at the completion of the placement.

Experience in human resource management and leadership, to student coordinators

Beside the academic or technical skills MIMAT is committed to develop skills in our students like integrity, reliability and teamwork, problem solving, entrepreneurship, communication in English and use of modern tools and technologies.