Michael's Institute of Management and Technology

Self-Financing Arts and Science College
Affliated to University of Kerala


Michael’s Institute of Management and Technology is charged with dreams, vision and mission. The college Management vehemently believes that the well-defined purpose of bringing about an enlightened transition for the educational, cultural and social development can give inspiration, guidance and infallible direction for the younger generation to put themselves on the right track for further all comprehensive advancement in their life. So, the college is committed to send out the message of educational and intellectual ascendancy in the bleak and dismal era in which the hegemonic excess of both money and military power is counted. The small man and his small voice is always sinking down in a disappointing way. The college has been nursing the dreaming of grooming a young generation that can meet all the challenges and eventually prove themselves to be the symbol of indomitable spirit for a new renaissance of amazing social development. The effective blend of dreams and aspirations will find its powerful expression inexplicable advancement in the standard of living.

We aim at the powerful rising of a people who have been languishing in a hopeless and hapless social milieu in which they are practically classified as the marginalised, the downtrodden and the exploited. Since relentless Competition is the hall-mark of the present world order, the weak and the inefficient will be disgracefully defeated. The young men and women have the legitimate right to leave the record of inspiring contribution for the society to make a giant leaf towards the dream of India becoming the hub of learning and wisdom. MIMAT is standing for the values of higher education and for the total intellectual development of the younger people. The highly skilful and intellectually sharpened young people are the precious asset of any society. Our faith is also being reinforced by the presence of a new generation that has keen enthusiasm to bring out the best from them. Here we stand with humility and following sincerity to help them in all ways that are possible and practical.