Michael's Institute of Management and Technology

Self-Financing Arts and Science College
Affliated to University of Kerala

H.E.Rt.Rev.Dr. Stephen Athipozhiyil


    Rev.Fr Sony Xavier Panackal


                  Prof.John Joseph



The management of Michael’s Institute of Management and Technology is standing for the ultimate empowerment of the student community. The management, under the leadership of Rev.Fr Sony Xavier Panackal is sending out the transparent message to the society that an efficient, sincere, kind-hearted humane and realistic management can bring about amazing transition for the betterment of the society. Michael’s Institute of Management and Technology, the newly established self-financing Arts and Science College is efficiently delivering excellent service in the sector of higher education. The management of the college is up to the mark and always wants to go ahead of time with a sense of history and a sense of responsibility to give fresh awakening to our backward and marginalised society. The well – defined goal of the management is that under the noble leadership and guidance of the Diocese of Alappuzha, this newly emerged self-financing arts and Science College can inspire the present generation and posterity as an ever dependable hub of knowledge and advanced learning to the core. The Management spares nothing to sharpening the teaching and academic ability of the faculty of each and every department. Our manager has uncompromising conviction for exploiting all the possibilities for full filling the mission of transforming MIMAT as an ever dependable centre for higher education. He does not believe in shortcut and hollow gimmicks that we find everywhere in the name of education. Diligence and dedications are his imperishable principles to reach at this peak point of spectacular sage of success.

The unique features of this management make this college a different one in this era of globalization and throat cutting competition.
A .This management stands for perfection though perfection is not expected from human beings.
B. The management has an inflexible conviction for bringing about a sharp development in the arena of higher education. And the college management is committed to induce a researching attitude among the student community, apart the usual mode of learning.
C. Discipline is indispensable for the success of any serious academic centre. In the absence of discipline and order there will be the pestering symptoms of degeneration and stuntgrowth and students may deviate from their primary goal of attaining a perfect academic Ambience to emerge out with flying colours.
D. This college management is committed to exploit the greater possibilities of modern electronic devices as the mode of learning things effectively and proficiently.
E. MIMAT is well equipped with a good library. The management of the college believe that an efficient library is the principal shaping force for moulding a new generation that can contribute much for the comprehensive development of the society.
F. The management is also functioning by assimilating the secular and democratic concepts to spread the message of plurality and tolerance among the students.
G. The management is always very keen in conducting the teacher’s training programme for the teachers to make far and wide improvement in their profession.
H. Management is also showing sincere concern providing awareness among students community to embrace Health care as the gallant cruised against the deadly diseases for Alappuzha district is reeling under the octopus-grip of water borne diseases. For spreading the message of healthcare, the management takes special initiative in conducting invited talks by eminent doctors and health workers. And our management is also very keen in conducting free medical campus.
I. The management is also encouraging the students to develop philanthropic attitude as a remedial measure to reduce the economic disparity in the society. Our management cannot stand unemotionally like a mute-spectator at the sad spectacle poverty, starvation death and pathetic plight of the homeless destitute.
Thus the dynamic and dedicated management is always charged with realistic dreams for the historic role that ‘Michael’s Institute of Management and Technology ‘canundertake. Inschool, thanks to the managerial skilfulness of Fr.Soloman Charamghattu ‘MIMAT’ has become the final word for academic excellence.