Michael's Institute of Management and Technology

Self-Financing Arts and Science College
Affliated to University of Kerala


The students of Michael’s Institute of Management And Technology are replete with social awareness. The students actively and enthusiastically participate in many associations to enhance their intellectual resourcefulness. The activities of the various associations under the … of MIMAT send out the lasting message of the exploration to bring out the best for the comprehensive development of the society at large.

Extension Activities

1. Nature Club

Nature club enables the students to get wonderful experience of knowing nature and its mysterious phenomena. The members of this club are engaged with the pro-Nature activities of protecting the environment. Since nature is the principal shaping force behind our existence, an eco-friendly attitude is of paramount importance. The main aim of this club is to empower the students to look at nature with new perspective. The members of this club are groomed in such a way that they develop a natural inclination at protecting the nature and spread the message of preserving the ecological balance. Once in a month we organize invited talks from the prominent figure for the students to understand the unshakable responsibility of preventing the over exploitation of nature The imbalance of nature will prepare the ground for the total extinction of human beings from the surface of earth. Also, both the teaching faculty and the member students of this club pay sincere effort for organizing the outstanding seminar, talks and visits. Sensing the vital importance of keeping a strong environment, the club also conducts awareness programmes for the public on current environment problems. For the smooth running of this club, we get the inestimable services of two teachers who are in charge of this club.
They are: Ms. Lidiya Lawrence , Mr. Augustine petor

2. LEAP (Leaders of Environmental Awareness Programme)

This student initiative very active in spreading the message of green earth for the posterity. It is not the short-term development that matters but the lasting environmental fitness is indispensable for all the bio-diversity. This club is discharging its historical mission with the noble purpose of inspiring the students community to switch over to the habit of making a clean surrounding. Each and every member of this club is very keen in maintaining a garden as the symbol our aim of converting the desert land into prosperous Green Earth
In charge : Sri. Libin Thomas , Sri. Athul Menon

3. English Club

English languages with its capacity as the Lingua Franca is ruling the world with its effective communicative possibility. This club has already proved itself to be a broader hub for students to attain wonderful command in English Language. Abandoning the out-dated method of learning the language, this club imparts on students various practical methods for strengthening the linguistic skill, we conduct discussions ,reviews, essay writing competitions ,quiz competitions and thus familiarizing them with literacy milieu of time
In charge: Mr: Shibu K.C , Ms.Hema

4. Cosmos Club

This is a very positive initiative espoused by the commerce students of MIMAT. This club function with the well-defined aim of giving the students the inspiring exposure to ever changing world of trade and commerce. This club is committed in strengthening the hands of the students for running business with ever increasing confidence and positive attitude. Today’s highly competitive world is badly in mead of the young men with the indomitable business calibre. From time to time, this club conduct workshops, seminars and valuable discussions
Incharge :Ms.Shiny Sebastian Ms. Saranya

5. IT Club

Now the modern world is standing on the threshold of information Technology. By means of IT Technology the world is now on the path of transitional period. The wonderful explosion of knowledge in every branch of science and social science has provided the mankind great and rare blessings which our forefathers had never dreamt of .This club is functioning with the goal of empowering the new generation on IT proficiency to meet the challenges of the changed world order. In order to inspire the new generation to in calculate a powerful affinity to IT world, this club conducts seminars ,talks Introducing the latest trends for the students to acquire an amazing command in technological developments.
In charge : Ms.Anjali , Ms. Roshina

6. Cultural Forum

This cultural forum gives a golden opportunity to the students community to develop their hidden talents into the fruition of artistic perfection. This forum provides a platform for them to cultivate the creative spirit for the cultural activities. This club is also organized with the well-designed purpose of importing on the student community the inseparable relate with history and that art. The society contributes much for the creative development of person. This club also prepares the ground for the students to voice their ideas and can make literacy production. In short, this club is moulding the students to give an expression to their artistic mind.
Incharge : Ms. Vidhya R. , Ms.Soumya

7. Legal Forum

The principal goal of legal forum is to bring down the legal awareness to the grass root level. Once only the elite and educated class enjoyed the monopoly of the substantial knowledge of laws and regulabans.This forum is committed to bring the students community to arena of legal awareness through human rights awareness programmes, seminars and debates on legal issues. If it said that the citizen of a democratic set up should have a substantial knowledge about the constitution.
Incharge : Ms. Vidya R , Ms.Navya P.Babu

8. Sports Club

The sports club is being organized with the purpose of inspiring the students to turn to physical training. It is not academic excellence alone that matters but physical fitness is of paramount importance for the development of a healthy mind. Under …. Of this club the students are given strenuous physical training so that they may emerge out with flying colours. The club prepares the ground for the students to participate in sports with great enthusiasm. The club gives great opportunities for the students to participate in various sporting discipline such as cricket, shuttle, badminton, chess, basketball.
Incahrge : Mr .Shibin Raj T.C