Michael's Institute of Management and Technology

Self-Financing Arts and Science College
Affliated to University of Kerala


Parent Teacher Association(PTA)

An effective and dynamic PTA is working in MIMAT and it renders the best for the all-round success of the college. This proactive association sets a general platform for both parents and teachers to make meaningful and uplifting discussion for the academic success of the college. Indeed the PTA is the backbone of the college. New suggestions and the positive decisions from the arena of PTA empower the college to meet all the challenges and reach near perfection. In short, the PTA serves as a bridge between homes and college. Here the parents and teachers cannot remain just like mute spectators but on the curricular and co-curricular activities of the college and facilitate decision making as and when the situations call for it.
In-Charge: Miss. Vidhya R.

Counselling cell

Since mental health is the principal force that remakes the successful personality of a student. We give great importance to the functioning of an effective counselling cell. We believe that by directing the students through the path of coise and prudent perspective ,we can save the younger generation from the psychic disasters. This counselling is opening the door of understanding about the mysterious ways of mind. The sincere contributions from the counselling cell can also bring about a transition juvenile disorder to amazing intellectual resourcefulness.
In-charge : Miss.Hema , Miss. Lidiya Lawrence.

Career Guidance cell

It is not academic brilliance that matters, but the practical ability to secure a job is of paramount importance in our highly competitive world. Only the fittest can survive and the weak will be relegated into the background. The absence of a well-designed purpose makes anarchy in the arena of education. The career guidance cell is operating with the dynamic goal of providing a transparent awareness about the deserving careers that one can take. This enhances the level of determination to fulfil one’s …. In life. It has become imperative to impart information regarding the function regarding of different career opening. With this end in view that we are conducting a career guidance and placement cell for the students to reach at the top of self-reliance and intellectual resourcefulness.
In-charge : Mr. Shibin Raj T.C

Jesus Youth

Jesus youth is a universally acclaimed movement for the empowerment of young people. In fact Jesus Youth stands for certain gracious values in life. The peaceful co-existence and by in calculating a cosmopolitan attitude, the young people can reconstruct the structure of the world order of study. The need of the hour is compassion backed with proper understanding and love. Our students are also actively participating in this movement Fr.Soloman Charamghattu, the college Manager is the fountain head of inspiration for the students.